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About Us

Nightingale is a dedicated Home Delivery Service which has been established for over 30 years. We aim to offer you confidence and peace of mind in dealing with a UK-based Company.

With over 30 years experience in the continence marketplace, Nightingale provides a nationwide service headed up by a team of dedicated Nurses and, supported by our Customer Care Team who oversee the running of the Home Delivery Service.


To be the most caring, patient and healthcare professional focused DAC in England and Wales.


1) We will strive to enhance patients’ lives.
2) We will support our patients, healthcare professionals and suppliers.
3) We will constantly evaluate what we do.

Through these principles we seek to promote growth, profitability and a stable business.

Brand Values

Dignity & Respect
Patients are at the heart of our business. We exist to support and help patients enjoy a quality of life unhindered by continence issues. We’ll always treat patients, healthcare professionals, suppliers and each other with respect, dignity and discretion.

Dynamic & Enterprising
As a commercial business working within the care and medical sector, we believe in being flexible and responsive whilst keeping pace with opportunities and trends in the sector.

The service provided by the Nightingale Nurses and the Home Delivery Service are synonymous with quality. A quality that is life enhancing and reassuring for patients, the envy of our competitors and the pride of our staff.

Passion & Commitment
Our passion for the Nightingale Home Delivery Service, and our commitment to preserving the dignity of patients, will never be undermined by our desire for business success. We understand that putting patients first is our route to success and longevity.

Our History

Nightingale Ostomy was formed back in 1984 and acquired by the Directors of Great Bear Healthcare in 1995. Back then, Nightingale was a team of just three nurses based in the local area of Cardiff, with a focus on Stoma care. As the Parent company switched its focus from stoma to continence, the focus of the nursing team gradually evolved in the same vein and the “Ostomy” part of the name was dropped to give way to Nightingale. Over the subsequent years, Nightingale has expanded nationwide with a team of eight now covering much of the UK.

In 2015, Nightingale was successful in obtaining a new dispensing licence and a secondary premises was opened in Bridgwater.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Nightingale and Great Bear?
Nightingale is Great Bear’s Home Delivery Service, who supply all brands of Continence and Stoma Care items on prescription to your front door.
Great Bear is a manufacturer of continence appliances.  You can obtain these items through Nightingale as well as any other Home Delivery Service or chemist.

How do I refer myself/a Patient on to the Nightingale Home Delivery Service
If you are a healthcare professional, you can refer a patient to Nightingale by phoning 0800 318 559 or by completing our online referral form here. You will need the patient’s details, including those of their GP. Self referrals can also be made here.

How much does the Nightingale Service cost?
We provide an NHS prescription service which means the nursing, delivery and advisory services that are provided by Nightingale come at no cost to you.
The only cost you will incur is if you are eligible to pay for prescriptions. Our prescription Exemption Policy can be viewed here.

Where do you deliver?
Nightingale can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Can I order my medication?
Unfortunately, Nightingale is not a pharmacy and we are only licensed to dispense appliances. We cannot dispense medications or pharmaceuticals.

How long will it take to receive my order?
On receipt of a GP prescription, and providing the requested items are in stock; delivery will be made within 24-48 hours. To ensure you have enough supplies to last you whilst we obtain the prescription, we advise you place your order with 2 weeks notice.

Do you customise stoma pouches?
Yes we do. Simply call us on 0800 318 559 to discuss your requirements. Additionally, if you use Great Bear manufactured drainage bags, we are able to customise the tube lengths to your individual needs.

What is a Nightingale Nurse Advisor’s role?
A Nightingale Nurse Advisor provides unbiased advice on continence issues and will offer continuous support. Specific services offered by our Nurses include:

  • Assessment of your/your patient’s individual needs
  • Appliance supply and fitting
  • Confidential and unbiased support

In what areas do you have a Nightingale Nurse available?
Currently, we can offer our Nursing Service to patients living in the following regions:

  • South West England inc Cornwall
  • South and Mid Wales
  • North East England
  • Yorkshire

If you want  to know if one of our Nurse Advisors covers your area, just contact us and we will be able to tell you.

What times are you open?
Our Cardiff branch is open 08:30-17:00 whilst our Bridgwater branch is open 09:00-17:30.
There is an answer-machine available for you to leave a message outside these hours, however; if your matter is urgent, please contact NHS Direct in Wales, or dial 111 in England.

What Other People Say

“I am very happy with the service I receive from Nightingale, very pleased thank you” (Patient, East Sussex)

“I would be lost without Nightingales help & support” (Patient, Leeds)

“Excellent help changed my husband’s quality of life” (Patient, Leeds)

“I regard Nightingale as one of the most efficient and helpful companies with whom I have to deal” (Patient, Basingstoke)

“The staff are really nice & very helpful” (Patient, Berkshire)

If you require assistance in completing this form, please give our Customer Care Centre a call on 0800 318 559 and they will be happy to help.