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Ask a Nurse: Does it Have To Be a Nurse To Change my Catheter Bag?

Nightingale Nurse Marisa is back with us this week with your latest question of whether it has to be a nurse who changes your catheter bag:

“Anyone can change your catheter bag, be it yourself, a carer or a relative. Once you have been shown how to change the bag it is a quick and straightforward process.”

How Do I Change a Catheter Bag?

how to change a catheter bag

  1. Wash your hands with soapy water and ensure you have a new catheter bag to hand.
  2. You will firstly need to empty the catheter bag you are currently wearing. Do this by opening the tap over a toilet or receptacle and allow the urine to drain fully.
  3. Once the catheter bag is empty close the tap and disconnect the bag from the catheter or sheath by twisting whilst gently pulling the connector.
  4. Connect the new catheter bag by pushing the inlet connector into the catheter or sheath and secure into place with your leg bag straps or leg bag holder.

What About Night Bags?

changing catheter bag

If you require additional drainage for overnight use, a night bag can be connected as part of an overnight link system.

  1. When you go to bed, do not disconnect your leg bag from your catheter or sheath.
  2. Insert the connector of your night bag to the silicone sleeve on your leg bag.
  3. Insert the connector fully to allow a secure connection.
  4. Once connected, turn the leg bag tap to the open position  to allow the overnight drainage into the night bag.
  5. Before disconnecting the night bag in the morning, ensure the leg bag tap is in the closed position.
  6. Do not reconnect a used night bag.

If you are unsure about how to change your catheter bag, our nurses are here to help.

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Ask a Nurse: Does it Have To Be a Nurse To Change my Catheter Bag?

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