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Book an Assessment with a Nightingale Nurse

Nightingale benefits from a team of qualified Nurses who specialise in Continence. They provide a free service that is independent and Patient-focused. The Nightingale Nurses have good relationships with other Healthcare Professionals, and will liaise with them closely to ensure each Patient receives seamless and continuous care that is tailored to them and their individual needs.


What Does The Nightingale Nursing Service Offer?

Unbiased Product Advice

Nightingale is an independent service. The Nurses can recommend any product from any manufacturer, so there is greater choice for the Patient. Where there may be more than one suitable product, the Nurse can arrange for samples to be sent to allow the product to be trialled before committing to a prescription order.


Every individual will be visited in their own home, as well as in Nursing/ Residential Home settings. The Nurse will spend time with each Patient, talking with them to understand their needs more closely. Any products recommended will be tailored to best suit their condition and specific needs.

Training & Education

The Nightingale Nurses can provide support and expertise to other Healthcare Professionals and Carers to ensure correct product usage. Bespoke training sessions can be arranged. If you are unsure of how to use a product and would like a nurse to come and do a demonstration and training session, please call 0800 318 559 and we can get this arranged.

Stock Control

Where needed, the Nightingale Nurses can arrange to visit on a regular basis to ensure stock levels are maintained to an acceptable level. Not only does this mean you won’t run out of your supplies, it also means you won’t be overstocked with items you may no longer require.

A Message from Our Nightingale Nurses

The Nightingale Nurses specialise in continence care and provide a range of free services that are independent and patient focused. Our nurses can provide free patient assessments both in person and online via video call.


Our Nightingale Nursing Team

Our Nightingale Nurses are a team of highly qualified, highly experienced continence specialists. The team currently consists of 6 Nurses and 1 Healthcare Assistant, managed by our Nightingale Nurse Manager.

Our Nurses are based at various locations around the UK to offer nationwide coverage.

Meet Our Team
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If you require assistance in completing this form, please give our Customer Care Centre a call on 0800 318 559 and they will be happy to help.