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Online Ordering - For Nurse

Nightingale aims at offering your patients an independent, discreet and reliable Home Delivery Service that make sure they receive ongoing support when they return home after being discharged with a Catheter or other continence appliance.

Before you register your patient on to the Nightingale Home Delivery Service we ask that you have the following details to hand:

  • Patient details, including DOB and preferably their NHS number
  • Patient’s GP details
  • Products you require, including ordering code
  • Catheter Details, where applicable, including charriére size, manufacturer, style, balloon size and length

Do you have patients who need to be assessed for their product requirements?

Our free, unbiased and specialist nursing service can help. Nightingale Nurses liaise with healthcare professionals to ensure each Patient receives seamless and continuous care that is tailored to them and their individual needs.

Refer patient for assessment

If you require assistance in completing this form, please give our Customer Care Centre a call on 0800 318 559 and they will be happy to help.